Friday, December 30, 2016

Match Making - Bitch Style 😈😈😈

Let's play a game of partner quest.

State an extensive list of things you expect your partner to be and another list of things you are happy to be as a partner.

Ask of it from your potential mate or mates.

Often it is highly impossible to make even half the list realistically consistent if you're expecting and are expected to do it consistently. Like a business or job, you honestly cannot possibly love it or be passionate about it long term without discipline and investment or commitment of any kinds in it. I kind of like the idea put forward by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and The City 2 where Mr Big requested 2 days off weekly from Carrie Bradshaw. It's a no-brainer that is completely sensible for modern couples with no-strings-attached. Fuck the commitment you expect from each other when all you are willing to offer is unknown and free from enforceable contracts. 

Don't cheat and wait to read other's expectations and commitments before you list yours. As you truthfully and earnestly work through your feelings, experience and deeper thoughts, I'm sure you'll be surprised how little you know each other or even how little you know yourself. Don't be shocked to find out how selfish or pathetic your potential partner could be when he or she really stated down his or her wishlist in stark honesty. This usually only happens after years of staying together. For some stupid social or mating reasons, we simply do not reveal our true desires when we're single and desperate. Making us all the more deceptive.

Let's try these sample answers and see if it shocks you.

I, Laura (put your name here) expects my partner to be: (now list with brutal honesty like nobody's ever gonna have this list in their hands)
1. A partner who loves to take nice pictures of me as this assures me that he still finds me attractive and worthy of his effort, time and resources.
2. He could be a gentleman to others during social events in my presence but always proud to introduce me as his partner in these events. Occasionally I must admit that I secretly love the idea that he behaves like a badass to other bitches but a darling to me and only me. Ah so much of idol series poisoning.
3. He should be occasionally willing to spoil me with my desires not by splurging as I believe I am not an extravagant-bitch but the sincere thought of splurging for me to please me alone makes me wanna own him and fuck him anywhere at that instant! Money and the confidence to own me is something fucking sexy at least to me I don't know why. Perhaps I do feel insecure or afraid not being wanted deep down.
4. I honestly don't think I expect him to do housechores or organize a decent dwelling with me but maybe sometimes I might 'instruct' out of overlooked misbehavior because of a tired long day or taking for granted his constant presence and obedience.
5. Occasional hands-on work to fix the pipes, exhaust, engines or machinery I must admit is always sexy. Those dirt, the sweats, the drying stench of boy-man vanity with no qualms and zero complaints but self-assured satisfaction from a good work done is such a natural scene to adore. Oh I could ride him all afternoon for that matter to please him whole. He's my man, my one-and-only who could work those private gears.
6. How could you not love a man who knows how to take care of himself and make you proud to tell the world of him being your other half? Yes I mean a well taken-cared of look, attire and body, I'm sorry I'm a bitch who silently expect these personal brand qualities one I approve of. Who doesn't hope she or he gets a command of private army if she or he thinks she or he has the market to choose from? Ha a self-delusional bitch indeed.

What about what I, Laura (this is where you put your name) believe I can be as a partner:
1. I can help to maintain our dwelling in order based on my schedule, my priorities and my standards. I really don't mind compromising to your standards provided you know how to sweet-talk me into thinking it's my idea and you occasionally, and by occasionally I actually do mean always allow me the flexibility to fickle or flirt my way to excuse myself sometimes from your almighty standards. Love is the key to such impossible endearments I seem to expect of you. Oh I forgot this is my part of commitment, HE-HE. Not funny but you're expected to find this adorable.
2. I will work my way up professionally to mutually support each other financially and socially but I do expect your relentless support to be on my side when you realize I made abrupt decisions that only your love could accommodate. 
3. I can role play to your liking when I'm in the mood to please you when you make me feel like you're the man I adore and would enslave for a night. That probably means I expect you to be able to role play too.
4. I can submit my desires under your command if you could drive me to madly adore you. Don't be a bulldog and expect me to worship your balls when I'm turned off, lethargic or could hardly be impressed.
5. I will not have anyone more important than you. But work and profession might come before you occasionally since you do not finance my lifestyle and survival privileges. That said, I do sometimes fantasize you dropping your doggy-bone, your hardcore games, porn or even work, FOR ME, especially fantasizing that you excused yourself halfway through an important meeting to wank for me, with personal satisfaction, not forced. Yeah that's fantasy and the entertainment/ adult business is making fuckshit loads of money from this I could only watch with awe and dream salivating without you ever finding out.
6. I could stay sanely strong to support you physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually to support your temporary sway of decisions in life even if big decisions it involves provided I am financially, socially and morally able and I'm convinced that you will get back on track. I don't believe in committing to a my-fantasy-turned-moron I'm sorry. I believe I have to and will continually work very hard to stay in demand and that means I do have better options if you so decide to convince me so.

Now, turn the table and read your expectations from the other side. Think again and reinvent yourself to be more moderate and promising. Don't be the bitch that everyone despises. Be the angel everyone adores but only Cupid gets to keep and own.

Hope this post is enlightening to you. Goodnight. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Singularity of His Love

I like you best when you're sleepy or half asleep.

Because that's the only time you are clear about what you want in life.

The only time you're not demanding something of yourself or of the ones your life is intertwined with.

The only time you realize you're mortal too and that sleeping or resting is the best thing ever you could and want to get.

The only time I could really say I'm useful around you, just to keep you secured so you know you'll wake up to see familiar things and people around you.

The only time I feel really peaceful with no need to work myself up to make sure you still love me.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Hypothesis On Managing Creative Talents

Over the last century, humanity has given more emphasis on science than arts. It is undeniable that this shift in educational focus is the very root cause of today's lack of philosophical breakthroughs.

Let's take an impartial analysis of below creative devil's thought process.

"I'm not in objection with management's no-nonsense style of management. But I need management to understand that extremely creative people relies predominantly on the inner wild child's feelings, fantasies and tantrums that are generally not easily explainable or even expressable by clear logic and science. If it could be, you don't need an artist's impression to complement a scientist's creation for commercial market. You could have predicted the entire future with purely science and statistical modeling without fiction and dreams. The very reason philosophy exist is to complement science through a reverse engineering model. If only humans relied on science to predict the possibility of magic, necromancy or witchcraft, we wouldn't have gotten the privilege of being awed by magicians and controversially saved by spirits or even gods. I don't expect management to understand the wild child that's hiding inside me because neither could I figure what he is up to next. But for me to actively engage him, I would need the confidence that management could take the possibility of watching the wild child run naked amok the office painting smiles and soberness on strange faces and yet not insult his immaturity and wicked emotional self but give him some patient and neutral assessment, slightly more than fair leeway is perhaps necessary. I need to trust that management could contain the collateral damage I could potentially cause less to others but more so to my own intellectual and professional self. Creative people with a heart for others sometimes cause so much unintended harm to themselves not on their physical bodies but to their inner self-regard. They could have a gut vision that is so unworldly nobody will ever understand until a decade later that science could hardly catch up not because science is behind arts but because it is so rare to find an Artist who can embody both a Scientist and a Linguist. If you are lucky enough to get a real artist who has a logical scientist in him but fails to convey his logic in clearly audible or interpretable words, you risk missing the points that connect the potentially gamechanging creations of tomorrow. Scientists might take another 10 years to backward engineer the logic that connects his futuristic thoughts to the times before because no proper understanding of his ideas was easily documented for research. This is all the more stronger the reason you should understand how delicate it is to handle creative talents."

Love & Hate

How could you love and hate someone so much at the same time?

Does it make sense?
Could you figure an example in your own life?
Is there a way to turn all hates into absolute love?

I don't know if the answer to the last one is possible but I hope someday I'll have the answer myself.

However one thing for sure, you can love and hate one same person crazily at the same time. Let's look at below 2 examples.

Case 1:
Judy loves her dad so much she's always trying so "neckbreaking" hard just to get his approval and to be recognized that she's capable. Any rational person who worked with her before would know how great she is a worker but it's never enough for her because her dad would never recognize it in front of her. At the same time, Judy could hate her father so much for causing so much pain to her mother. All mother wanted was to see them reconcile and come together more often enjoying simple family moments with cheers and laughters. Sometimes she could see herself in her mind's eye, almost screaming at the top of her lungs across the roads at him, "why can't you fucking smile and drop your damn ego! Mummy's already 60 and how many more years could you watch her in misery??!!"

Case 2:
Arthur really disapproves his manager's way of treating her staffs like androids with nothing more than a result machine. She never gives in to their emotions eventhough she does at times compliment them when they did exceed her expectations. But other than that, she expects no pouring of emotions at work. For her, you are an adult and you should behave like one with strict conduct of professionalism. Any energy wasted on emotions are signs of weakness and failure to uphold your title earned. As much as Arthur hated his manager for taking his loyal staff for granted, he loved her dearly for the miraculous profits she made possible to his empire. He could literally smooch her whole face, all the way down lick her shits because nobody ever could make this kind of profits she made him. He could now go traveling around the world with not a single bit of worry about his pockets for the rest of his life.

So much for loving and hating someone at the same time. Let's just say it's always a trade off. People don't explicitly say it because it makes them look ugly. But truth be known, people are all selfish. Even a lovable person is selfish because he is motivated by the intrinsic reward of being loved by many instead of one.

What can you do about this?
Is there an absolute solution?

No. Accept that life ain't perfect. Nobody's flawless.
Sometimes we are seriously blinded to our obvious flaws even our direct subordinates can see so clearly. And who are we to tell others off?

Ego. Righteousness. The pursuit of excellence, happiness, or even enlightenment. Whatever you name it. There's always a hidden cost and trade off someone somewhere if not something has to bare where you don't see it.

Do not be so certain that you are absolutely right. Exercise caution and moderation if your aim in life is to master wisdom.

Special thanks to my teacher Patrick Khoo for reminding me there's no absolute in characters, Discretion and Patience are 2 virtues I need to learn.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Are you born a Restaurateur or Celebrity Chef?

Post as per blog author's Facebook Post.

Perfect culinary journey to take you through the real ups and downs of a restaurateur or culinary artist. Are you up for the thrills and troughs of what it takes to be one of the most celebrated chefs in the world? If you think your answer is a yes, you must read this book to gather more insights into the secondary experiences of a Chef with Story. 

Enjoy your read and please do share your views here so our collective young readers get to learn the most from each other.

I do not have enough time to read everything, but i have to know a bit of every world class successful personalities and stories to inspire my students from all walks of life to aim to be the best with the right platforms and tools to learn and emulate. 

After all, what makes a successful educator for tomorrow's leaders?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Future of Management?

Yesterday's Hierarchy:
Officer -> Jr Exec -> Sr Exec -> Assistant Manager -> Manager -> Sr Manager/ VP/ COO/ Directors -> CEO/ President/ GM -> Board of Directors.

Tomorrow's Hierarcy:
People + Team Leaders + People of Influence - reports to Independent Management Board or Governance Team to collectively impact bottom line.

You will not be able to hire competent freshmen or graduates with strong heart if you fail to see that hierarchy no longer matters in the future.

Do advise if you disagree. All ears. I'm here to learn from you.

Friday, December 5, 2014

What is Education?

"I'd proven you wrong, many times, but I couldn't say it. Because you are at a position of power, ever assertive with no respect for the perceived lesser halves." - the making of the corrupt, the perceived elite, the chauvinist, the gangsters, the self-serving kings, the delusional bosses.

The world is sick, because good people are weak, and bad people are strong. Majority lacks will, and the minority good fears trouble. And worse yet, it is so fucking easy and cool to turn rogue.

But it's not right to throw an egoistic queen off her throne even when she's the last emperor anyone wishes to serve. What a dilemma.

Fear induced education is immoral, an easy way out, and downright incompetence at play.

If today I allow fear to educate the young, tomorrow I will approve my leaders to be rogue. Enough said. What is education?

On a second note:
A healthy dose of fear does allow things or organizations to be organizable. 

Looks like the extremist is still in me sometimes. Do remind me to try my best to stay neutral for life itself is never absolute.